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DK has many programs available for outdoor industry enthusiast. Whether you are seeking to increase exposure for your business, increase your bookings, start your own business, or find a platform for airing your programs, DK has a solution for you and a dedicated team of professionals to assist you. Please view the programs below for an explanation of the platforms available.

DK Sponsorship Program

DK Sponsors are provide video optimization services on You-tube. The optimization services provide first page rankings for multiple search phrases relevant to sponsors' business. A version of the video is compressed, then added into the DK video ad-server which runs across all DK Network sites. The DK network sites currently receive over 100,000 page views per month. Sponsors receive video distribution to through numerous social media platforms. Sponsors are added to the DK member news letter which provides first option to purchase trips at $895 that are provided to the network for advertising services. Sponsors receive discounts from participating partners, and have free marketing consultation services for the year. Sponsors may offer DK consultants the opportunity to sell products or services for commission. Sponsorship Fee is $895 Annually.


DK Outfitter Program

DK Outfitters receive the full sponsorship program. In addition, DK Outfitters are eligible to book trips through numerous brokers in the DK Broker Network at 10%. DK increases exposure and sales for hunting and fishing outfitters worldwide, delivering a global marketplace, through a dedicated team of marketing professionals and brokers.

Outfitters may join the Outfitter program for $895 annually or may choose to provide a hunting or fishing trip that the network will attempt to sell to cover marketing campaign price.

Please note, trip donations should be valued over $895, as the network needs to show discount to sell trip quickly. Outfitters only be provide the advertising package and access to the broker network when the trip sells. If the network is unable to sell the trip, the package will not be provided. Two person trips that include food and lodging sell quicker than one person trips and are recommended for entry into DK.



DK Broker Program

Brokers earn 10% commissions for trips booked for DK Outfitters, paid from Outfitter to Broker. Brokers earn additional commissions for outfitters brought into the network through broker. DK has a large base of outfitters opting to book through DK Brokers. DK provides Veterans of the Military, Police, and Fire Rescue Services Broker Business Startup Packages at zero cost to Veterans. DK provides the resources, training, strategic business model, client base, and platform that Veterans need to start earning income within weeks of joining the platform. Many brokers are reporting their first commissions within two weeks of joining the platform and being provided the training platform, and resources. Please note; DK uses the funds from the sale of sponsorship packages to provide packages free of charge to Veteran. 100% of the income the network receives is used to provide Veterans business startup packages as brokers. The funds from sale of hunting and fishing trips provided to the network for advertising are used to put Veterans into business as Hunting and Fishing Brokers for DK Outfitters.

Donate a Trip or Buy a Trip at $895 and you will be putting a Veteran into business.

DK is committed to providing Business Opportunities for Veterans.




DK Outdoor TV Program

Outdoor TV Show Hosts earn income through the sale of network sponsorship packages. Outdoor TV Show host may choose to broker to DK Outfitters as well. Outdoor TV Show Hosts may air programs through their channel in addition to other DK channels. Programs are aired on DK private dedicated servers. Programs are viewable at all times, on all devices, through all platforms, all year long. DK delivers exposure to over a million outdoorsmen annually. The DK platform provides Outdoor TV Shows Hosts a quality platform for airing, a very large opportunity for exposure, and a way to create income in the outdoor industry for their programs. Outdoor TV Show Hosts help to provide filming and editing services for sponsors and at outdoor events. When sponsors provide trips for filming, DK first offers trips to show hosts with the most sales. If show hosts does not accept trip, the network will make available to other show hosts. Incoming shows hosts must first air through channel manager, make two sales, become trained on DK platforms and procedures, and then recommended by channel manager to the network for consideration of starting their own channel and airing through additional DK Channels. Contact DK for a list of Channel Managers.


DK Outdoor Industry Opportunities -

Join DK as an affiliate, partner, sponsor, consultant, publisher, outdoor events partner, broker, outdoor TV show hosts, or just register for the DK Newsletter for great discounts on hunting and fishing trips. Discount Hunting and Fishing Trips are Available. Outfitters often provide trips to the DK Network in exchange for sponsorship packages. Trips provided are sold at extreme discount in the amount of $895. Please register for the newsletter and check back often. Trips are available on a first come first serve basis. Additional trips must be purchased from brokers at retail price. If you have a trip request, please contact the network, if a trip becomes available that meets your criteria, DK will contact you before posting for sale to the general public. Additionally, if you have an outfitter whom you have hunted or fished with in the past and would like to recommend them into the DK platform, please fill out the outfitter recommendation. If your outfitter provides a trip in exchange for his or her sponsorship package, you will have first option to purchase the trip!

Click the button below if interested in becoming a DK Hunting and Fishing Broker, DK Consultant, DK Advertising Sales Representative, DK Publisher, or DK Show Host

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